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Brake lamp warning light


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Today my brake lamp warning light illuminated on my dash, and at the same time the HAND brake light also illuminated.   I guess I have blown a bulb, but didn't have anyone with me to help me check, so I'll check tomorrow.

Anyway,  I noticed that the warning lights illuminated while I was not pressing the brake pedal, so I wondered how the warning lamp is triggered. 

Does anybody know? 

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Might not be related, but it would be worth checking the brake fluid level , just in case it means low fluid....  Rotted pipes could leak fluid...

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Had this before with both lights on, low brake fluid level caused by, as Paul says, a rotted brake pipe, in my case above the fuel tank on the offside rear. 

I lost the brakes completely....then noticed the lights had come on 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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