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  1. Very easily - short version is you position the laser unit to the right of the drivers wheel, mirror on the left and then move the laser to give a 0deg reading on the scale. Move the mirror onto the drivers wheel and read the scale, this gives the included angle of both front wheels so as long as the rack is central turn each TRE an equal amount, recalibrate and read again. That's the simple version of the instructions, very accurate and easy once you get the hang of it.
  2. Get yourself a Trackace and do it yourself! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324260590476 Pays for itself with the first two alignments!
  3. Interesting - i have an outstanding recall on my CR-V, either for the drivers window switch or the airbag. Haven't done anything about it yet though. Suppose i should........
  4. I seem to recall seeing this one on and off for about 2 years, too many "questionable" mods on it for most peoples liking i think.
  5. Hindsight is a fantastic tool but, like many other things in life, too little, too late! I can't count the number of times a strange noise/behaviour has happened and i've decided to see what develops instead of investigating immediately - usually ended up costing me!
  6. Definite result there Pete! Like you, if it's within the ball-park of last years premium i've decided to keep quiet.
  7. Good luck for monday Pete, hope all goes well with the MoT!
  8. Leave it as a permanent drain, certainly until you find the source of the water ingress. Could be anywhere, even around the door and traveling by capilliary action.
  9. Maybe a 3mm hole drilled in the bottom of each light unit will allow them to drain? Not ideal as you want to stop the wet stuff getting in in the first place.
  10. It would still need filling up to get it home though!
  11. I like that - i'd remove the pendant rear fog and fit 2 colour (red and white) bulbs into the reverse lamp holders and wire those for rear fogs and reverse, would clean up its rear. Ooooooooooo-errrrrrrrr missus!
  12. Don't know anywhere down there that usually has a few for breaking, unlike one of my local ones. I think (but don't quote me on it) they do mail order but a cat isn't something i'd trust through the post or other courier. Worth a try ringing them up to see if they have any though. https://www.beckrowdismantlersltd.co.uk/
  13. Hmmmm, interesting.........
  14. Welcome to CR-V ownership! If your engine bay is anything like mine, despite the engine looking small compared to a big V6, you'll find it's still cramped to wok in because of the basic engine design. Not one of Hondas finer moments!
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