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Accord Coupe V6 Overheating ​🥵

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7 hours ago, AhsyV6 said:

Thank you so much for that comprehensive 

I noticed that when I switch my engine off the fans come on and then turning the ignition to Position 2 switches the fan off and then ignition off switches them on again. I have opened the bonnet and see only the right fan (passenger side) is working and running for ages. 


I would guess the fans actually being on are more a result of the fact the engine is actually overheating and the sensor is turning the fan on to cool it off. ?????

definitely worth investigating why they are turning on though, actually the heat or the faulty sensor.

That said the primary problem of the engine overheating is still there ? according to your report..?. so get that stat out !!!!!


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I'm with Pete.   What causes the fans to come on?  Usually the water temp sensor. Which side of the stat is it?  If engine side, the temp sensor will get hot and turn on the fan which will stay on until the temp sensor thinks the engine is below the set temp for the fan to kick in.

Also how well does the heater work?  If very hot, it implies the stat is stuck shut.  If cold, the stat is likely stuck open (don't think you have the latter but worth checking...)

The thermostat could earlier have temporarily freed itself as the weather warmed up outside and now the weather has cooled again,the thermostat may have become stuck shut again....

Not to say that my theory is definite though - but you could try feeling the temperature of the top hose.  If you could burn your hand on it the water must be very hot and is likely to be flowing through the stat....  If the top and bottom hoses are about the same (relatively cool) I would say the stat is likely shut.

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