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  1. Just love how polite and friendly they are…..just miss it. Clearly missed that one! Damn right jam goes on first!!!! That then allows an inch of the clotted stuff!
  2. Lovely break thank you. Staying with my brother and his partner and just feels home from home. Weather has been a mix between overcast with very occasional “mizzle” and sun……could’ve been a tad warmer but we’ve had 3 good full days on the beach. Cornwall is a funny place for changeable weather
  3. That’s one of the options I’m looking at? It’s either a 65 plate 3.0d portfolio S or a 13-15 3.0 petrol supercharged portfolio (preferred option but VERY rare). What are you thoughts on ownership?
  4. Anyone down in the Cornwall (Penzance to be exact) area? We’ve been here on a break since Thursday and heading back late tomorrow afternoon with a 2-3hr stop in Taunton.
  5. Very very nice example with steering audio controls and side air bags.
  6. That’s one lovely looking example!
  7. I like the idea of that. I think I maybe said before that I’d like my front 2 cm lower but god knows what that would do to my ride.
  8. What a significant difference and improvement in the looks department……looks lovely mate! I was pleasantly surprised that the ride quality wasn’t compromised after I had mine done and was very impressed in the improvement of the handling, steering and cornering. Being on adjustable coilovers does that mean you could take it lower?
  9. I bet that insulation made a hell of a difference in our noisy coupe?
  10. Hello mate, from memory there is a 10mm-14mm bolt in the gap between rear back seat and bottom rear seat. You’ll need an extension on a ratchet and it’s a bit fiddly. After undoing this grab the front of the bottom seat (where is meets the carpet) and pull up as there are a couple of clips (made of either metal or a strong plastic) that are imbedded in metal floor on which the seat sits. You’re right mate, undo the 4 bolts under the seat. You might have to move the seat forwards and backwards to get them. I also put the back of the seat forward as it is easier to take the seat out of the car. I unplug the seat at the end.
  11. I got mine done last Monday and have to say I also questioned if they’d done anything as the interior was unmarked, smudge free and just how I had left it. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, they’d need to have disconnected the battery right? If so the clock was not back to 00.00 (unless they reset the time) also my radio presets weren’t reset either along with the audio settings? The only way to have this confirmed would be to take the steering wheel off and check the bag right?
  12. What’s the update with these mate? Really looking forward to seeing the coupe with these installed.
  13. Very impressive mate! Kind of detailing I really appreciate. They must glide up and down now?
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