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  1. There is a seal issue at the rear of the boot lid either side can be the problem...there is a thread somewhere I think....Will try and find it. Basically, if I recall, the water runs in the channel where the side of the boot sits , towards the hinge end... a build up of crap could be the problem. Edit, have a look here.
  2. The Avon ZV 7 on the 04 plate Jazz that went on in 2019/20 have gone off..worn on the inner edge and cracked along the sidewalls inner and outer. They have done around 20k miles in around three, three and half, years. We are talking about 85bhp here so not working that hard compared with a Coupe. The 06 plate got them in 2022....cracked around the sidewalls too but not worn out yet !! This follows hughezee experience on the Coupe ....never buying those again !!
  3. It's a great car, some issues with odd dent and paint but generally rust free...I would keep her but it doesn't fit with my current requirements ....yep, lots of mud on the road around here, I just try to keep on top of cleaning when I can. New love? No , just a new life direction..the new Volvo isn't a replacement, just a necessity.
  4. Agreed . Here is mine , quick snaps on the mot ramp two days ago. Bit muddy but looking pretty good.
  5. Yep, I am watching it carefully...my car will be up for sale shortly, just waiting on v5c after taking my private plate off it, got a clean 12 month mot on it now too.
  6. Haven't tracked that down yet, also wondered if the card reader is part of the problem..the one located down near the sliding door main switches. I was thinking on discon that as its of no use to us in this country
  7. I see you found the thread re my Elysion power drain. Not sure why your power close is operating off that interior light fuse as the current draw is massive and the door has its own fuse in the engine compartment. Are you sure the battery is up to scratch as the door system draws a lot of amps...might be set so it can't open the door on low power. The other possibility is that the circuit controls a solenoid/ relay for the door, hooked to that circuit. I tracked mine down to the interior lights / central "keep doors unlocked" control but no further, suspect the auto delay on the lights interior off,,, job on the to do list.
  8. I haven't bothered any further with mine, just left the interior light fuse out....also controls the "keep unlocked" facility... It stopped the battery drain...I suspect the interior light delay unit but have got around to locating that yet.
  9. Thought it looked familiar !! Wonder what it will go for, 3995 was the asking price on faceache... Upto 2700 now, 6.30pm , 5 days to go...
  10. This is going well, makes mine look really cheap !! Although it does have a lot lower miles than mine but it is three years older !!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/305406394946
  11. I had this with the climate control screen...on and off as it felt like it...and the speedo lcd odometer display kept fading..took out the central unit out cleaned all the connections, bought another one just in case..put the original back and its worked ever since !! Also noted at the time that the display didn't come on right away, took a few goes at it.... Still got a spare central display ready to go though !!
  12. Just presume they were in the process of powering up !!! 😜 You will feel better about it !! Did they just come on the next time you went to start it ???
  13. A result surely !! Your hard work paid off !!! Just keep those fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  14. Can't help with either of these but maybe you could contact them and ask if they have done these before/ check their website , if any, for reviews ...you never know there might be someone who has actually had repair done on a Coupe !!!
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