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Accord Coupe 2.0 - 3.0 V6 Wheel Alignment


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  • The title was changed to Accord Coupe 2.0 - 3.0 V6 Wheel Alignment

The front tyres on my CG4 are wearing on the inside edges, which suggests to me that the front tracking is wrong.  It has done this before,  and I seem to remember that the last time it was checked the garage said that it was in tolerance.  

Reading this thread, it appears that the correct toe setting is parallel, so wondering what you would do if the garage finds that it is already parallel (or very close). Would you adjust it outwards anyway, given the evidence of wear on inside edges?

It seems that some of you have experienced wear on inside edges even when your toe has been correct, so maybe it can't be avoided on this car? 

For reference, my rear tyres wear evenly, so rear setup looks perfect.  

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It's worth getting the rear alignment checked and corrected before trying to sort the front. Also make sure the rack is central and that the steering wheel is in the straight ahead position with the rack central. Do this before having the alignment checked/corrected.

Anything incorrect in this sequence will alter the front end geometry and cause wear as can worn bushes in various places, even if they look ok they may move slightly once under way so sometimes a little more toe-out or toe-in is needed to correct wear on the edges of tyres as compensation for worn bushes.

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