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New Upper Wishbone 1998 1999 2000 2001 CG Accord Coupe

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1 minute ago, Laird_Scooby said:

That was going to be my #5 method Stu but i left it out as you're borderline lifting the car. Good point about the bushes too! ;):D

Edwin and others had knocking or squeaking noises after the install of upper arms, but you can leave them a little loose and tighten them with a ring spanner when the car is down, providing the cars not lowered though 😮

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Hi All, 

so this saga comes to a happy ending.  The moral of the tale is to buy blueprint suspension parts, not Q-drive.  The attached pic is the as-fitted blueprint arm.  

As Dave suggested, before fitting either of the new arms, I just tried them in the kuckle socket before removing the Q-Drive arm with the stripped threads.  It was plain to see that the Blueprint one allowed more of the spigot through the hole than the Q-Drive one, so the decision was made to fit Blueprint  

This brings me to schoolboy error (1):

Having considered the possibility of fitting the wrong arm (because I had two new ones), I thought I had fitted the correct one.   However, after screwing in the bush bolts, I discovered that I had in fact fitted Q-Drive (2) instead of Blueprint (1).  So I lost time with removing that one.  

Schoolboy error 2.

When I came to refit the wheel, only three wheel nuts could be found.   I searched high and low for 15 minutes, but it didn't turn up. Luckily, I had some spare nuts, so i proceeded to fit one.  I later discoverd the missing wheel nut stuck to the outside of my magnetic tray.  I think that I must have put the dish down next to the wheel nuts and one became attached to the magnet under the  in the dish.  Doh!


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On 11/20/2019 at 1:39 PM, Laird_Scooby said:

#4 - Use an open-ended spanner (10mm i think is the thread size so a 10mm open-ender) as packing to pull the taper in with the Nyloc, slacken the nut half a turn, remove the open-ender and then tighten the Nyloc.

This worked perfectly for me.  😉

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5 minutes ago, PTR200S said:

Agreed, got some good stuff from them that actually fits properly !!!

I've been using it 25+ years, first sold to me by a specialist Japanese motor factors as being OE quality but at a sensible price. Countless parts later i've no reason to argue! ;):D

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