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  1. a few beautification of my Honda 2.0 ES. leather headrest and rear brake light.
  2. update: well the sparks supplied to me by Stu are still firing well and smooth as a cod piece, no blips just a steady 900rpms when idling, and in this hot weather still holding up. so i would recommend them to anyone. Ask Stu as he will point you in the right direction for sure.There do exactly whats said on the box. Edwin
  3. Thats a dirty big list Stu, he must have a brand new car there yes?
  4. Lol ! I just looked at the company supplying the cheap exhausts ' Uncle Toms'..that says it all eh lo Doh?
  5. Hi stu I just purchased the red stuff,the other ones are really expensive mate.I'll give the red a run and see how it goes.I'll strip down brakes and pump some of the red in the rubbers to rase the pins .
  6. Hi Guys from looking at my piccys, do you think the rust on my suspension fork and lower wishbone arm is very badly rusted or just normal wear n tear? I have wire brush this and sprayed down with some comma wax seal spray, any thoughts guys???
  7. Thanks guys,just trying to pass the love on..latest on knocks is that I'm believing its the Drop links,the filthy swines !ordered a new set and gonna swop over the anti roll bar bushes as well.well might as well while i'm there and there gonna be polyps to give a firmer ride.thanks again stu.
  8. Hi Guys 3 weeks in and horns are still going strong and ....dare I say much better than original for sure....
  9. mmm... didn't se that on the rear shelf BUT there sound the real deal when you turn it up.....
  10. HI Guys just gotta ask, very impressed with the sound system in my coupe, down the front trebles are starting to rattle, I read somewhere that "Bose speakers" where fitted on the coupes is that right? Edwin
  11. yes indeed Scooby, touch wood...all working fine !!
  12. Hi guys Well Sunday I took off the old ones which were oily and rusty.fitted the new ones I ordered by way of Scooby recommendation from E-Bay for a fiver.you get 2 x snail shaped horns ,one high and one low in pitch.when you beep there blend together in sound.these come with power and and earth spade connections. Original horn only has power as it takes its earth from the horn bolted to the car body ( thanks to Stu for the heads up) .I ran 2 x earth leads to the earth on my car battery for each horn and cut off the original connections and replaced with space connections.bolted the horns to the same place as the old ones using the same bolt. Did forget to say the bumper has to come off first lol? Well that helps a lot guys ! Test the horn 1st before you put the bumper on and bobs sure uncle new horn to terrorise the neighborhood.
  13. I've ordered a can of the wax oil for the cooler pipe Stu....
  14. right !! I got my ac delco plugs , popped them in about 2 - 3 weeks ago and there've been really good, engine running smooth and no jerky idling. I'll report back in about another month or so if there's any change but for the Mo.....looking good.
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