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Power Steering Pressure Switch Leaking


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Hi guys hope all is well. 

Took the coupe out for a 400 mile round trip to north wales to see the in-laws, drove lovely - a far more comfortable trip than my old car. I have had no issues with car apart from having to top up PSF every now and then. I'm 90% sure it was leaking from the power steering pressure switch. Finally got round to fitting my replacement part:


This is how I had the two 17mm spanners set out - one on the switch and one on the high pressure line. Using one hand on each spanner and alot of force I managed to free the part.


Old and new.


New one installed.

The part is NOT OEM, i got it cheap from china. Fingers crossed this fixes it - I'll let you guys know 👍.

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Looks very much like the seal/"O" ring on the original has given up the ghost - hopefully cured but might be worth finding the right "O" ring for the old switch as a replacement/spare if the Chinese one is like Chinese food and you want another two hours later! :P

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