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MK1 Legend Leather Clean


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On 9/20/2019 at 4:41 PM, hughezee said:

No real before shots 🙄 but the seats were very dry and dusty and now after 4-5 cleaning + conditioning attempts they are so much softer and supple, think twice a month over the next few months will see a dramatic improvement...


Photo Credit Nikki

I used to think (and still do) how futuristic the design of the Mk1 Legend Coupe was for a car from 1988.

That interior is so comfy and stylish. I used to always have my rear armrest down.....just liked the way it looked and that it separated the rear seats and was really comfy for the rear passengers. There was a distinct leather smell I’ll never forget which my friends one STILL has! Lovely! 

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