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Elysion suspension alignment

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In another thread I mentioned the wear on the front nearside tyre, on the inner edge...pointing to the toe being out ..there is slight wear on the offside front too but barely noticeable. 

Protyre were unable to help as their tracker machine isn't able to accommodate any non listed vehicles..

The Hunter machine has a listing for the 2.4 Elysion so it can use that.

The only local place with a Hunter is Kwik Fart.....so I booked on line after toying with the idea of buying my own machine as recommended by Laird_Scooby..

booked in, online, 10.30 this morning,  Tuesday. 

Arrived to find 3 cars waiting on tracking in front of me...earliest will be now 1pm at least.  Not happening I said..OK might get you in after the first one..another hour at least. Apparently their online system doesn't stop local booking happening FFS !!!!

Worse to come..how much if needed to adjust it..£69.99. !!!🤣🤣🤣🤣...definitely NOT happening...negotated it down to 45 quid...

Decided to leave it...buying my own tracker now, already got two cars of mates interested in getting theirs done !!!!


I will update this thread with feedback on the new kit on the Elysion, if anyone might be interested. 

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Tested it all out this morning

The unit is plastic and lightweight alloy in parts, need two AAA batteries to power the laser, turned on and off with a switch on top of the unit.

The other part is the mirror,  attached to a cross bar with plastic legs on it.



This last pic is it "zeroed" out, on the nearside,  ready to check the opposite wheel by moving the arm unit in the first pic to the offside . Then the two parts work in conjunction with each other.


Giving this figure for the Elysion,  hence the balding of the inner edge of the tyre.



Adjusted here , just one turn cleared the 30 minute toe out.

"That will be 69.99 please"  !!!!!


Might need a new tyre now....


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9 hours ago, PaulS said:

You will soon get your purchase cost money back by not paying other folk to (not) do the work properly

You are right !!    Just about have it already I guess..70 quid to kwik fart , 76 for the kit.   Its all Daves fault really !! Thanks , Dave 😂

Even if kf had let it go at 45 cash, just two visits and I am in ! 

The Volvo needs checking too as I have had the front suspension out and renewed the tre just using a "marks" basis.

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