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KB1 Legend HFT


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Is it possible to inadvertently turn off or disable the Legends HFT (Hands Free Telephone) bluetooth?

2 days ago, whilst turning the steering wheel, I think I must have pressed the talk or back button. The radio muted or turned off (can't remember exactly) and the entire central screen displayed a white on blue telephone symbol. 

Pretty sure I pressed the HFT back button and turned the radio back on.

Now I have no HFT the car does not respond with the beep when either HFT talk and back buttons are pressed. Phone won't connect 

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Now I'm convinced that the Bluetooth module just died or Shutdown without any action on my part.

I'm 90% convinced the module is located under the drivers side dash panel(s). Anyone know how I remove these 2 panels without breaking anything?

I've remove a push rivet attaching the the lower steering column cowl to the under dash cover (RHS as viewed from the drivers seat and a white clip near to the foot well LED. (Something behind the panel is now lose but hasn't loosened any panel.  Cannot see what is hold the LH Sides in.




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Hi, new to the site but signed up to see if you managed to locate the Bluetooth module? I'm keen to disconnect it as I don't use it and it may be causing me some battery drain issues. Was it where you thought it might be and did you manage to detach the panel without too much damage?

I have a 2006 Legend which has been suffering with a battery drain issue and the alarm intermittently going off. Discovered this week a leak with water ingress into the boot which may have been affecting the alarm and siren (which are behind the trim on the left hand side back there) and could have been causing the battery drain. Since I discovered the leak and disconnected the alarm, I've not had any issues (although only a week on and have been using the car daily so interested to see whether there is drain when it sits on the drive for a few days). Reading online that the Bluetooth module has also been the source of the drain for others, so as I don't use it, keen to disconnect it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Amazing car but just recently has been causing me a few headaches!

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These are US Service manual doawnloads, you might be able to get the information you need and reverse it to apply to a UK car.



Obvious caveat, becareful when downloading and opening PDFs, get your virus scan to check them. Nonoe of the links above are mine, it's just what I found in a quick google

there is a UK workshopmanual on DVD for sale on ebay from an Italian supplier if you want one.

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