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Honda Elysion 3.0 Starter Motor


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Quite a lot of owners have reported starters that have failed but usually on the 2.4 motors.

Have you got the starter out ?

Bench tested to be sure it is the starter ?

Bit of sideways thinking....is the gearbox lever in park ? ?...if so try wiggling it out of park and back in..

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The part number on a 2004 V6 is 31200-RKB-004. (Trifoliate) 

It shows as a 2006 Odyssey, 5speed or a 3 litre Accord (J30A4) too but as a Mitsuba.

One in Australia ! does yours look like this ?






If you establish its the starter , not another fault like an inhibitor,  then a local alternator/starter motor is a good place to go for diagnostic and repair. 

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34 minutes ago, st123 said:

not got the starter out yet, tried the wiggle test with park nothing happened, have to get it recovered first lucky it is only 2 miles down the road, also is it easy to get to on the ely where is it?

Yep, easy access, discon battery and take out, take out lower battery platform, starter is to the left of the lower battery platform at front side of the engine....forward of the auto trans filter housing.

Might want to unclip the box that you move to get to dipstick for the transmission dipstick..bit more clearance above the motor.

Just discovered that the Mitsuba SM442-42 is also used/suitable replacement....if it turns out to be the starter failure then using the Honda numbers and this Mitsuba number you should be able to get a replacement unit from an automotive factors.


Has the starter been playing up before this?


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4 minutes ago, st123 said:

went down the 2 miles down the rd to the supermarket

should have gone on the bicycle !!! (local council option!)

Let us know how you get on, sorry can't really help much further at this stage.

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Slight variation on what Pete suggested, turn the key to the start position and hold it there then try moving the selector lever sideways left and right in the P position. If the Ely has the "Park lock" feature so the key can only be removed in P this may work, the fact there are two separate mechansims fitted on the P sector of the quadrant means they sometimes interfere with each other.

If this works, you have a work-around until such time as you can find the adjustment data to compensate for the wear in the mechanism(s) without the expense of a new starter motor.

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15 minutes ago, st123 said:

when it goes into park the doors unlock on mine so i know park is working 

You only know that part of the switch is working. I don't know the exact system they've used on the Ely but if it has park-lock it means you can't remove the ignition key from the ignition switch unless it is in P, likewise you can't move out of P unless the key is in.

17 minutes ago, st123 said:

just had this from cox honda 

 We can get hold of a genuine Honda one for £852.40 or a remanufactured Denso one for £396.40

They're having a laugh aren't they? You definitely need to be sure the starter is at fault before shelling out that much! Have you fed the solenoid energise terminal direct from the abttery?

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 from amayama MOTOR ASSY., STARTER (SM-44242-4G)

Genuine Honda (31200RKB004)


Weight 3.47 kgs 

Catalog MOTOR ASSY., STARTER (SM-44242-4G)


Price, GBP 540.71

Shipping cost to 58.00

United Kingdom

Delivered to you by


Japan540.7158.1802 - 05 Sep>1


This part may fit to

 For reference only. We're not guarantee 100% compatibility.




















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Amayama, 442 42 is mitsuba so should be good but as said Denso will be just fine.

Be interesting to see if the old one is an original honda unit and is it the solenoid or the actual starter windings that have failed....

Is the 500 quid warranty including labour ?

Worth exploring a repair at an auto repair shop


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11 hours ago, st123 said:

yes what am i going to do with the £40 per week saving !!

I am using fuel at an average rate of 24mpg, all short trip, round town stuff...really kills the mpg 😭


Save the £40 per week up, for your insurance ! 🙃......

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