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Honda Elysion SAT NAV


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2 hours ago, TANNERS said:

Lol that's the one. Any chance there's a setting to turn it to English?? 

Unfortunately not, also lot of people add FM expanders to get the radio stations, if it's only getting a couple of stations its not been done.

Sat nav, use your phone !!!

Alternatively you can get a replacement uk sat nav combined radio etc, unit.

It does involve dismantling the dash, be VERY careful with the "wood" effect dash, they crack easily and are 300 plus...if you can get them.

There is a Russian company now supplying a direct fit sat nav unit but it still involves dismantling the dash....there is a thread on here ,  interior and mods , with my Elysion dash in bits if you want to look !!!

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48 minutes ago, TANNERS said:

Oh I don't think I got the stomach for that yet. What is the smart button with a picture of a crossed out lock by the ignition?? Is that to stop the doors locking on take off?

Ejector seat  🙂

Have you got a key card..?

If so , then after you have opened the doors, press the button it will beep and light up.  You can now shut the doors and it will remain unlocked until you open the door again with your key card in range.

It's useful if you put your card back in the house but still want to have access , and open the doors,hatch, without having to unlock it everytime,  maybe whilst you work on it.

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20 minutes ago, TANNERS said:

No don't have any card just one key.

I am not sure but I would guess it did have a card at one point if it has that switch.

Can you post a pic of the switch just to be sure we are talking about the same thing !!!!

Does your van auto lock when you set off driving? About 8mph ?

When you stop does it automatically unlock when you move gear lever to the "P" position?.....but not when moved just to neutral? from drive ?

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