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Legend KB1 - Secret Menu Discovered

Mazda Man

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Hi everyone, just looking around and happened upon an article and vid on You Tube about accessing a secret system menu via the navigation screen.  Hmmm.  So I pressed the three buttons required for above 5 seconds and lo and behind, there it is!  From here you can look at various things, most of which apparently you should change like yaw settings for the AWD etc.  Anyway, I went into the Navi System Link and apparently the AC and METER are red which means there’s a fault somewhere  I then checked the AC menu and apparently too it’s DISCONNECTED, despite coming on when selected and blowing reasonably cold air?

Any thoughts?  Perhaps the codes needs to be checked for a relay or something?



This is the initial menu you see when you access the menu, although this is from another Honda not mine, but it’s the same



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Yes again Guru Stu has cracked it.  I was at Honda HQ earlier this evening and showed Stu the red error boxes above.  Stu said “It’s probably because the ac isn’t on”, so I started the engine, turned the ac on and went to the secret menu and VOILA. They’re now green.  Happy Days although I did tell Stu I knew that and I was testing him.  ?

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I was going to suggest exactly what Stu did - was the engine/a-c running while accessing the menus? Simple reason being, the way most of these things are designed, if the item in question isn't running, it reports disconnected as it has no "live" data to work with.

I have to admit, when i first saw "Secret Menu" i thought of this :


The "Monster Mac" - https://secretmenus.com/mcdonalds/secret-menu/

I then wondered if Honda had found a way to order food from the Navi panel, that really would be awesome! ;):D

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