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  1. Re cutting out (hot start) I had this too when I had mine, can’t remember whether it was the fuel pump but leave it a minute or two then it should fire. Stu will enlighten you as it’s pretty common I think.
  2. That’s unfortunate as I traded in my 08 Legend literally Friday. There’s a few Legends on Auto Trader but they’re in the £5K range.
  3. No mention of the Accord Coupe though, not enough sold in UK presumably so no one knows what they are!
  4. Happy Easter peeps. Whilst browsing through one of my fave magazine I happened upon this article which I thought everyone would find interesting. You might have to zoom in a bit to read though.
  5. Good job they ain’t arriving via the Suez Canal! 😝
  6. My god, “uneconomical to repair” is the phrase, I believe? I’m no expert but not only does it look like it’s been at the bottom of the North Sea for a while, the rear axle is surely bent. If it’s parted out I’ll be there for a few bit but there’s no way that will be on the road again.
  7. Ha ha, seen a few Volvos with literally a pint of water sloshing around inside the rear lenses in the past. Presumably very light condensation will clear once the weather warms up a tad and I start driving him a bit more than once a week?
  8. Got a right arm like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I do like a nice shiny car though. As he’s not driven every day at the moment, I’ve noticed that the inside of the windscreen had loads of condensation, so much that I had to use kitchen roll to mop it up! Must be lack of use and the air inside not being renewed etc? Nothing damp in the car either? Also noticed earlier that there was a bit (maybe an inch at the bottom) of condensation in the headlights too. Never had it before. 🤔
  9. Well...I’ve been working from home now since March 2020 and although Lennie Legend isn’t driven every day at the moment, he looked like he’d been rallying with the sand and dirt. Therefore the sun was out and as I’ve been cooped up inside all week, I just couldn’t resist giving him an Autoglym Resin Deep Shine. I might have an aching right arm but we’ll worth it.. Must wrap that front grille when the warmer weather arrives though
  10. Brilliant, love Quentin, tells it how it is. Like an English Scotty Kilmer.
  11. The guy fitting it commented on the thickness of the glass too. Very clever how they fit the tints though, no bubbles or creases. Was told not to lower the windows for 3-5 days to give the adhesive time to cure properly. As Stu mentions the film cuts out the harmful sun rays that dry and crack your leather. Plus as the colour is Opulent Blue which is quite dark, plus the black interior, the tints really set it off nicely. He showed me a ‘chameleon’ film for front windscreen (£700 a roll!)...it’s clear but when you look at it from different angles different colours pop, a bit like the paint on my old Nighthawk Black Accord, that was black, purple and other colours depending on the angle of view. Lovely.
  12. Exactly Stu, there’s also the privacy and security aspect, the glass shouldn’t shatter as much as the film should hold a lot of it together.
  13. Hi peeps, well Lennie had his windows tinted earlier today and I must say he looks all the better for it. Lovely.. oh and if anyone after a 720 BHP BMW M6, he’s selling one! It was a beast!
  14. Be great to pop over and see you Brett, weekends are always preferable. 👍
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