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Accord Coupe Removing & Refitting Steering Wheel + Airbag


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I changed the steering wheel on my V6 coupe today and thought a pictorial guide might be appreciated.

First, ensure your steering wheel is straight and level.  Do this before the next step of disconnecting your battery and leave for 45 minutes to protect against air bag deployment.

steering wheel2.jpg

disconnect battery.jpg

Using a flat blade screwdriver remove the panels on either side of the steering wheel.

wheel side panels.jpg

This will expose the screws on each side holding the airbag into the wheel - use a T30 torx ratchet and remove the screws.



Gently pull the airbag forward and down.


airbag out.jpg


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Gently pull the top of the airbag down and look beneath.  I marked all the connectors so it was obvious when putting things back which connects where.  Photograph also helps!

To unclip the large yellow connectors just pull the central section towards you, it will release easily as will the green connector into the yellow on the right.

airbag out3.jpg

Remove the wires from their plastic clips on the face of the opaque white plastic, then unscrew both screws on either side.

airbag out4.jpg

Turn this over, unclip the black connectors (red wire connects to airbag, brown to dash) and then separate the clip by pressing on the little buttons marked push (or press).

airbag out5.jpg




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Keeping the steering wheel level (try and hold in one hand and use the ratchet with the other) undo the central bolt - a bit of a shock and off it will come.  To remove the steering wheel pull it towards you as centred as you can - or push the wheel from behind, but again ensure the direction of force goes in the exact direction the spindle is pointing at you.  This was surprisingly easy.  Thread the three connectors through the hole just below the spindle and remove wheel entirely.



Mark the top centre of the spindle so that it can align with the mark on the steering wheel boss - this will keep the wheel centred.



To refit the wheel, tighten bolt, re-connect all the connectors, and fit into the housings and guides before screwing in the opaque plastic.  Refit airbag, secure with the two side screws and then refit the plastic covers, and voila! all done.




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Very nice and detailed write up Charles. I like the look and if it was ever going to match an interior it would be our mushroom coloured interior. 

I remember when I changed my clock Spring behind the steering wheel it took some real effort pulling the steering off......actually let's rephrase that.....it took some brute force! 


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I was very surprised (and even more relieved) at how straightforward this all was.  I have seen two very muscled mechanics equipped with a breaker bar attempting, without success, to untighten the steering wheel of a Mercedes W124.  I'm starting to get the idea that Honda engineering is pretty good, apart from the position of the nearside dipped beam bulb, which is rotten beyond belief.  

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I like the fact that our coupe is changing your "German engineering mind"towards a Honda.......that's very hard to do unless you actually own one. 

My friend and I owned 2.7 Legend Coupes between 1997-2002 and absolutely loved them! He has moved on since and now owns a Mercedes G55, Lotus Elise, Abarth 500, Mercedes W124 estate and another 2.7 Legend Coupe......and the best part is that he absolutely adores getting the Legend and the smell and feel it has and drives her on daily basis. A very special car! 

Welcome to the Honda 6 Forum! 

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