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Honda Legend KA9 Wood Trim "1995-2004"


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I've just bought a 1996 Legend (3rd generation) which is in good condition.  The interior is great, but I wish there were more walnut in there.  I've seen some Legends with the centre console done in walnut, and they look fantastic.  


Is there anyone who makes real or artificial trim for my car?  I ask because when I had a Rover 75 there was a company that made various stick-on bits of trim - they were plastic but of a pleasing walnut effect with a deep, glossy coating.  I wonder if anyone does anything similar for the 3rd generation Legend.


In particular I'm interested in replacing (or covering) that large area of flat, grey plastic that surrounds the radio and the air conditioning controls.  It looks a bit strange, because the bits and pieces on the transmission tunnel are finished in walnut (or walnut effect).  It would be nice to have a consistent look, and in any case I'm a complete sucker for the trappings of luxury!


Thanks in advance,



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Another option depending on your ability to not stab yourself with a Stanley knife would be to make your own veneer patches :






First link is to ebays listings of various sorts of veneer, second is to a specialist supplier of veneer and goes straight to their "Pee and Stick" section where the veneers come with an adhesive backing so you simply peel and stick them on - much easier than trying to iron them on! Also gives you the opportunity to veneer parts not included in the kit and/or use different colours and effects throughout the car. Also gives you the opportunity to be able to say "I made that!" - always a good call! ;):D

I've not used that supplier myself but i first found them oddly enough when i was all fired up about getting a Dolomite as many of the dashboards seemed to have "come unstuck" on the ones i was looking at.

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Actually, Laird_Scooby, you've reminded me of a question I've been wrestling with for ages.  On several walnutted cars I've noticed that the veneered panels are sometimes curved in two planes at the same time - for example if they have very rounded corners, or if the part has a domed shape.


That means any veneer would have to stretch (or shrink) to fit.  So how on earth do they do it?  Obviously it's simple enough to make a stretchable plastic covering which you then print the design on (or you could even mould it the right shape).  But actual wood veneer?


Anyone know how it's done?

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Steve - what Richie said above or with the peel and stick, you could bend it round the larger of the main curves in the compound curve (a curve that curves in 2 or more directions at the same time) and then "cut'n'shut" the other curve(s) to suit. Once rubbed down (gently as it's so thin!), then stained and/or varnished, the joins would be near enough invisible with a bit of care.

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