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  1. Reasonably priced.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OBX-Catback-Exhaust-For-2003-2004-2005-Honda-Accord-Coupe-2-4L-3-0L-I4-V6/202029739886?epid=1056403148&hash=item2f09e92f6e:g:WfQAAOSwWLFZm0sb
  2. The way I look at is £60 of petrol in the tank lasts what, 10 days...??? £60 on a new Relay lasts more than likely longer than you'll have the car, or before the gearbox says, "Hello"! You need both to get you where you're going..... Not to mention that everytime you get into the car to start it - they'll always be that nagging doubt. "Will it start"?
  3. Yes Pete. It is not a 'Stock Item' - they had to order it for me. I just called them on: 01489 560751 (Simon ?). Took a couple of days.
  4. Have you tried Hendy - I paid £60 incl VAT.... https://www.hendy.co.uk/news/hendy-parts-centre-moves-to-segensworth-as-online-sales-continue-to-grow/
  5. Hi Pete. As far as I know, (which is very little) the Siemens is an Original Part. The Replacement I got was a Mitsuba as far as I can remember.... P/N 39400-S84-003.
  6. Personally, I would get myself a set of cheap standard size wheels with decent tyres, even if they are not Honda, just as long as they are the correct PCD/ET/Size and fit and see what happens. If 3 garages have set up the Alignment to spec and it is still doing this then obviously something is happening under stress, ie Driving. And the only thing fitted that is non-standard are the Wheels/Tyres. Sometimes it is the obvious. If this doesn't fix the problem then I would look deeper, in other words Subframes and Bodyshell. Good luck.
  7. The most interesting Reg I ever had was on one of my Jeeps, as seen here: It was only after I had bought it that I realised that the letters and number all meant something. I suppose I should have kept it but wasn't sure if I could at the time.... "M" - My wife's name, Marinha. "59" - The year of my birth. "S" - My eldest daughter, Shelley-Anne. "C" - My second daughter, Candice. "J" - My son's name, Justin. A major coincidence or what! I believe the chap I sold it to was going to export it to Holland after his contract was over. I sold it in 2008 or thereabouts.
  8. It's funny I just automatically saw the phonetic alphabet... Mine not so much - "Sierra-Tango-Romeo". (A bit of a mouthful to say the least!).
  9. Sorry, forgot...... But my Handbrake had about 6-7 Clicks before hard on, and it passed without mention. I have since adjusted it to about 4-5 Clicks now. There is an adjustment nut for the Cables under the Armrest Cubby Insert.
  10. The Headlight Bulbs should be Ok unless you fitted LED's, although there was no issue with my Sidelight LED's. I did fit 9005 (hb3) Bulbs in the Dipped as well as the Mains, but no probs. All you can do is cross fingers and hope for the best I suppose...... When is it? Good luck.
  11. Thanks Dave. I think the better materials used have a lot to do with it. The original ones the piping was made out of somthing akin to Coke Can material! These are good grade S/S... I actually haven't driven it yet but I'll let you know. Ciao.
  12. Well, today I did a quick Engine Flush/Drain/Refill as well as fitted a new Filter - in fact I never just change the Oil, I alway replace the old filter with new. (And generally Flush with Wynns Engine Flush). I was quite impressed that the Oil coming out was still reasionably translucent as it was pouring out, and still had a nice smooth feel. I've fitted a Bosch (0 986 452 036) which is slightly longer than the one normally supplied and has a wider Seal Ring - this is the one recommended by Bosch for the V6 anyway. This is the one you will get normally but is for the S2000. As you will see the V6 one is longer. Anyway, I refilled using the Gulf 5W40 Synthetic Oil. Definitely a different colour to the Petronas Oil. We'll see. I also fitted the new Baffles, or "DB-Killers" and in my mind look much better! And as far as sound they don't sound that much noisier to be honest. It's not like the old set were whisper quiet anyway. (Sorry the car hasn't been washed for a good few weeks!). This was before, I know, not a direct comparison sorry. Thanks.... Ciao.
  13. Hi Pete. No, no issues that I can remember. And yes, I do it just in case and I use the Key a few times just to keep it in-use so to speak. When I say door handle hinges I actually lift up the handle and spray inside. Not sure if it has any effect but I've always been able to open my doors in extremely cold weather.
  14. This is what I do too. Once before Winter, and then again after, also with White Lithium Grease Aerosol. I also squirt into Key Reccesses and Door Handle Hinges as well as the Latches themselves. Never had an issue in winter yet. An half hour well spent in my mind!
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