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Service parts for Honda Elysion V6 3.0


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My 2005 V6 3.0 Elysion is due a service and the garage have recommended I source my own parts which they will then fit.

Where is everyone sourcing their Ely service parts? The main place that seems to come up on Google is Cox Motor Parts, but a set of 6 spark plugs is £155.61 which seems quite a lot.

Does anyone here have any recommendations for anywhere else that sells them, or know if there are any other models that can be used? 

Aside from the spark plugs, oil filter, and air filter are there any other things I should order for the service that the garage might not have? 


Thanks in advance!

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The plugs, oil filter and oil from a trade supplier should be no problem.  Most of the trade suppliers allow retail sale...or maybe you could open an account?

My last set of plugs, NGK or Denso , preference Denso, was about 60 quid I think... oil filters, just get a Honda S2000 filter.,  I prefer Honda ones but they are about 12 quid..Cox Honda usually have a deal on or Bamforth Lawnmowers ( yes really ! )   watch the shipping though. 

Air filter, I haven't found any aftermarket filters that ACTUALLY  fit properly..the youtube crowd FORCE fit accord types etc,,, i buy genuine from Cox.....

Cabin filters,  quite a few aftermarket fit, like the ones I got a while back, AML filter from kavoparts.com. 

Have a look here for other supplier stuff.




Transmission fluid is a big discussion, check here for the latest info !!



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