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Parasitic Drain Legend KB1 2006 Fuse 7 ??

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Can anyone help please?

I've identified a parasitc battery drain of 0.53A is being caused by the circuit protected by Fuse 7 of the driver side fuses. When this fues is removed the drain drops to 0.01A.

Can anyone identify what is protected by fuse 7 that may be causing the drain? Or have the wiring diagrams showing this circuit? Or a tester that could find it?

The only information I can find is a book symbol with an i in it which equates to "back up"???

(I had a previous drain caused by the bluetooth circuit which I cured by disconnecting the module.) This was done by Hond a quite a price.... Anyhelp would be much appreciated.

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This is probably your best hope for a decent set of wiring diagrams.




Quick Google reveals that it's the memory circuit for the user settings for the clock, stereo and possibly the sat nav.

It's possible that it's looking for the Bluetooth unit you unplugged as that would have user information on it.


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Thanks for the DVD guide. Where did you find the memory circuit information? Can you put the link here?  I've had an auto electrician today suggest that it could be to do with the alarm. There is a battery pack that can fail and I have a replacement. I will check tomorrow.

The bluetooth module was disconnected years ago and this has never caused an issue.

I will publish the outcome tomorrow.

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