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Honda Elysion Battery


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14 hours ago, Zelman said:

I am having serious problems trying to source a battery for a Honda Elysion 2.4. 2007. Does anyone know where to get this or what other car it maybe compatible with? 

Have a look at theses.


It's probably an 048 battery but check the dimensions and the post location, 

This Yuasa is usually a good one, all dimensions and post locations shown as well


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2 hours ago, Zelman said:

Wonderful! I will have a look at these

Thank you

I have ordered the battery. I assume it doesn't need any specialist fitting to calibrate with computer or anything?

Did the spec check out OK?

No requirement to code anything but make sure you put the negative on cleanly,  don't hesitate, the ecu doesn't like quick intermittent connection  !!

If you have a smart card then keep the card out of range whilst you connect it, doors closed as well to keep the internal door lights off..basically anything that might come on as you connect the battery. 

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