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Thinking about selling the elysion


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Kids grown up now !!! ??  You had it three ish years ?? 

Seem to vary a lot between ones that need a few things doing , about £4500/4750 and bang on ones, low miles around £6500.

The age of them doesn't seem to come into it really 04 to 08 but trim does, Prestige fetching a bit more but extras like speedo changes to mph, UK sat nav/ radio , rear television  etc are things that attract people I guess.  Towbar possibly...

It's probably more down to finding the right person who is looking for the right spec, they will usually pay the money.

Of course, the other thing is how quick do you need to sell it?   

I have seen some 04 / 05 plates go for 5500 plus but how much of a hit do you want to take??

There is a 53 plate with 50 odd k miles on it, base trim, £7,250....on the RAC site...plenty of 2.4 stuff around, the odd 3.5 but few 3 litre

Might be worth checking out the import prices now for your model, 53 plate ?? and see what they are asking...price accordingly after that.

The other thing is, if you are in no real rush, put a price up you want, say,,on Gumtree (free) , Car and Classic is free too i think?.. and see if you get any takers...nothing to lose and of course if someone tries to knock you below where you want to be you always have the option saying NO. !!!!!

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Thanks for your input, Had it 5 Years this year was thinking about £5500 as there is a few stone chips on the bonnet so would need a respray to have it in mint also 95k on the clock now.

Also a few people i have talked to worry about getting insurance for it!

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