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Which Engine Oil 2004-2013 Honda Elysion 2.4 K24


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This is a common question with the problems that can arise as a result of using the incorrect engine oil and problems I have seen when the Honda 0W20 p/n: 08232P99K4LHE engine oil has been used in older engines, which results in oil leaks, high oil consumption and excessive valve train wear and engine noise.

 So I have illustrated a few of the most common oils used by myself or recommended by other members, so if you are looking for just a standard oil I would recommend Shell Helix HX7 AF 5w-30 Engine Oil or Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-30 Engine Oil. Owners looking for good fuel economy and good performance I would highly recommend Mobil 1 ESP Engine Oil 5W-30.👍


pro s.jpg



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On 5/5/2019 at 7:11 PM, Brett said:

I tried 0W20 in my car and the car hated it.

My favourite oil is 5W30 mobil ESP in the K24

Heard that from a few people now..... I understood it was only useful for fuel efficency and used by the "new" cars.... as my "newest" is an 04 , discounting the 06 Jazz 🙄, I have never tried it.

Mate of mine with a 12 plate Civic reckons it works well for him, her indoors really, gaining 2 miles per gallon......🤣........ and where does she use it / how many miles ? ,I asked.... erm, the shops, school and about 4k miles a year......🙃 ............

not worth the premium, me thinks !

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