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Accord Coupe 2.0 Wheel Alignment


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My front tyres are wearing on the inside edges, which suggests to me that the front tracking is wrong.  It has done this before,  and I seem to remember that the last time it was checked the garage said that it was in tolerance.  

I did plan to get it checked again, but before I go, does anybody happen to know the correct toe-in setting for a cg4? (Just in case the garage gets it wrong).  

It would be interesting to hear what wear characteristics anybody else gets on their coupe tyres.  

As it happens,  I now have another reason to get it to a garage, because one of the front tyres has a puncture.  I can't see any damage or foreign bodies, so I hope they can sort it.  Aside from the wear on the inside edges (which is still legal), the front tyres are about 50% worn, and I was planning to swap them over with the rears as soon as I could find time.  

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