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Sound Container - Getting it Working


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So when I bought my Elysion Prestige the seller mentioned ripping CDs to a Hard Drive function. After looking through the manual I found steps to enable that, but when using the Navi system the option to do so wasn't showing up.

You should be able to access the Sound Container settings by pressing down on joystick while in CD playback. Mine only had those 4 options, nothing related to SC.


Or you can have the 2 extra options, but they won't be 'selectable' despite showing



Checking the drive first

I took the drive out partly to see if a) the drive was there b) the drive was not dead c) any formatting issues

Taking the drive out is very simple. Torx-8 screw is required.




While the drive is out, the Sat Nav or Audio won't work until you attach the front cover (which has a metal plate on the back). So even if the drive is taken out you can screw in the cover and the unit will work, although reporting a missing drive.

So the drive was showing as non-formatted, which gave me an idea that there must be a way to initialise it from the unit itself. Turns out even once the drive was working Windows doesn't recognise the file system or the boot record so it shows unitilialised. However, with that idea I went to YT to see how someone does an initialisation on an american Odyssey in English. At least I knew there is such option, now we just need to find it.

At least I knew the drive is not faulty


Sound Container Initialisation

So drive and cover went back in. First off, the maintenance mode.

After getting on the 'Current location', press MAP, MENU and DISPLAY buttons.



You'll see this:


Press down on the joystick to bring up the other menu and select the "SC Initialisation" option. It will be followed by 2 warnings, the right option twice to cofirm.




The system will start formatting. Do not turn off the key into OFF positon (kept mine in the ACCESSORY position all the time.



Once the system reboots, you should have the two options available on the CD playback, after pressing down on joystick. (2 bottom righ options, below REPEAT)



I'll post the config for the Sound Container recording mode later on.


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