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Honda Legend MK1 Water Issue

Amjid Zeb

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The drains should exit on each corner of the car inner front wing and behind the rear bumper sides? You should be able to see where they exit more accurately removing some interior trim, pulling back the carpet from the footwells looking upwards or removing the boot side trims...

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  • The title was changed to Honda Legend MK1 Water Issue
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This is a very common problem on the Rover 800, the "sister" car to the Legend. If you remove the kick panels in the front and have a good look with the aid of a torch, you should find the sunroof drains. The look something like this but you won't be able to see the "teat" bit as that will be outside the car as it passes trhough the inner wing to the outside world :


Pictured next to the valve (as Honda officially call it) is the best known fix i've found. It's a 14 x 10mm hosing reducer.

Smooth off almost all of the ridges on the smaller end (leave a little of them to help with grip), smear some Araldite onto the small end and push it into the down-tube from the sunroof. Now push the thicker end into the valve and refit it to the inner wing.


That gives an idea what i mean but push the thick end all the way in.


The rear drains can be seen just down and left of centre in this pic :


The black loop of wire (which happens to be the rear ABS sensor) makes a circle almost round the sunroof drain hose and valve - give these the same treatment as the fronts.


That's the wee beasties. As yours is the Legend, they might be in a slightly different place but not far off i wouldn't think.

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