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  1. I've had few A.B.S parts and they were all extremely crap. AKR performance ( Dutch shop) have good selection of parts. It's easy to find out if it's caliper or cable gets stuck. When it gets seized again just release hand brake, take the wheel off and and have a look. If it's bad caliper you will see that handbrake it's still applied and you will be able just detach the cable as it's going to be loose. The try if you are able to pull manually that handbrake spring on the caliper. If you are able to release it that means it's caliper
  2. I had the same problem on my car. There is a needle bearing which is responsible for hand brake and if it's bad then hand brake gets stuck in on position. You can buy new bearing but changing it it's not worth the the time spent. You will be better off to buy new caliper. Just make sure you buy quality one. If you want to override the problem temporarily, just don't apply hand brake. Hope it helps
  3. Haha. I think I am safe swearing in my language as I believe am only the one foreigner in the village
  4. Advantage of being foreigner - you can shout whatever you like🤣
  5. Yeah it's them. Very knowledgeable. I will post an update once dyno tested
  6. Bigger dimension and quality. I've also got 200cells catalytic converter, 3" cat back and injet long arm direct air intake and there is significant difference. I will put it on Dyno once my budget has recovered but guys from P2R say that I can expect 20hp increase and I believe they know what they talk about as they've worked on same motor.
  7. P2R 3" Headers installed . This had to be done by professionals as engine needed to be lifted and some cutting into subframe was required. Bill was heavy but worth it. Having this done I've got now previous set of headers SRS - direct fit for sale if anyone is interested please contact me for photos and details
  8. Hi all Does anyone have a Rotrex supercharger installed on J30A1 engine? Just about to get one but not sure if it's worth.
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