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  1. RIP Prith Mahal... an absolute honour to have known you mate, thank you -_-

  2. In my younger days would say go aslow as u can , but ride is a big factor at mo and would choose to be low and not compromise comfort so spax for me..plus mines slammed and practacally come close to hitting nearly every kerb when parking
  3. Guys I want to upgrade the speakers as like some i dont have the bose
  4. Yh once theyre lowered look so much better and improves handling. I will put a pic up od how mines sitting once ive given it a wash
  5. Hi ya bud Just had a quick look on link, looks like full cream interior but y the black leather seats?? Cant be standard and in my opinion doesn't look nice. Sorry to say, but id hold out for a better one even tho they are getting rarer.
  6. I think they give the coupe a rear facelift, like the other manufacturers have done, the only other lights i would get would be the red on red. As think the orange os old skool.
  7. Also screwed my cruise back in and everything working
  8. Guys swapped my steering wheel too, prefered the more chunkier feel Type r wheel from accord And finally
  9. Yh well chuffed, wirings not too bad either jus match the wires lol, no orange in site makes these look soo mucher crisper
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