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Which Coolant/ Antifreeze for 1996-2001 Honda Prelude 2.0 2.2 "Incl H22"

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This is a common question with the problems that can arise as a result of using the incorrect coolant/ antifreeze and problems I have seen when Honda Type 2 Coolant p/n: 08CLAG026L0 has been used in some vehicles. Symptoms can often result in annoying leaks, vapour leaks and really unpleasant persistent odours. Although these symptoms from using Type 2 coolant can be elevated with some water dilution to the 50/50 mix up to 65% water to 35% coolant mix, improving the heat exchange process.

So I have illustrated one of the most common fluids used by myself as a Honda Specialist, so if you are looking for a standard fluid to TOP-UP you can use Honda Type 2 Coolant, but try to avoid using large amounts i.e flushing the cooling system after maintenance or repairs on the cooling system (you have been warned). Owners looking for great protection or one-stop solution or just a TOP-UP I would highly recommend Prestone Coolant Antifreeze.👍


PLEASE NOTE: the information within this topic has been kindly contributed by one of our experienced members and has been extensively researched and found to be correct by independent testing or external resources. However' when replacing radiators and water pumps, some manufacturers insist on genuine coolant for warranty purposes, please adhere to this advice.

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