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98-02 Accord 3.0 A.C System Removal "DELETE”

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Each to their own Robby :rolleyes:

Right first off whether your A.C works or not, I would suggest nipping down to a garage with a recovery machine to vacuum the system out to make it safe to work on, simply releasing the refrigerant gas can be very dangerous to your health and is in fact illegal.

So once the system is recovered, you will need to release the serpentine belt (moving the tensioner) and then remove the alternator (battery disconnected obviously) don't rush this process, alternators for the Accord V6 aren't cheap to replace.



Now remove the two pipes attached the compressor and then remove the compressor itself.


Remember to secure the hoses and clutch switch wire with plastic ties to keep them away from moving parts and then fit the Gates K060427 serpentine belt which will work for the none A.C setup.


Hope that helps m8y

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