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Accord Coupe Radiator Fan Not Working. "FAN SWITCH"


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Becoming a common fault these days as are beloved coupes are getting older, the radiator fan switch operates in similar way to the thermostat and consequently it will fail eventually ^_^  so he are a few pic's to aid replacement.
I strongly advise you tackle this job when the engine is cold and drain some coolant from the radiator first   ;)
Anybody that spots the dodgy jubilee clip, it was temp thing to stop coolant spraying in my face till I replaced the stuck thermostat :lol:
Tip: you could loose fit the new switch and refill until coolant leaks out and then tighten it up, this will help air out of the system :?: 
Don't forget to top up the coolant and run the engine to burp the system of air, any questions just ask   ;)
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